Pick Up The Pieces - Single Pack

by Polygon Palace



released November 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Polygon Palace Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Pick Up The Pieces
When you talk I never get what it's all about
Standing there, I just stare
You can say my name
I won't change
Scream, shout
Go ahead let it all out

When you talk I think it's good that speak your mind
Don't lie
You can't deny
You had a good time

As I walk
Out the door
You know there's room here for one more

Don't stop now
You'll sleep tomorrow
Forget your days
Forget yourself

Fall off the floor and there's calls for one more
When the light show ends
Take what you can grab because there's queues for a cab
And I've lost my friends
Oh no
We roll and we burn
Lean into the turns on the amber bends
Headlights are sparks
All leaving their marks when the light show ends

We pick up the pieces
I'm up for next week yeah