Sunburnt Shadows

by Polygon Palace

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released October 2, 2013



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Polygon Palace Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Starpilots
We've sold everything that slows us down
Now we're gonna have to do this trip
They said take our life
Open up the sky
Look through the telescope

Banner held high
Maybe the one to lift the dark
Silver streak
Wandering freak
The earthman seed into the stars

The greater heads got together
Decided it was time
We buried our thoughts
With clocks to measure our passing
And a note explaining why we left

You wanna know something?
I wasn't afraid
There wasn't the time for me to turn back
Far into the nothing we're out of the cage
And we're heading for starlight now

I've heard rumours that we won't come back
But people say we're the only hope
They said take our life
Open up the sky
Look through the telescope
At old treasures burning on the ground
Another day you might come home
Take the truth and spread it
Simple is better
Don't let them go this wrong

Tearing right through it
Say goodnight to gravity
We don't need a place to call our home (We're gonna change tonight)
More than any other traveller
Going to where I belong (Sign up and we'll release the light)
Out among the planets
Tearing right through it (We're gonna blast off, this is the final flight)
Getting louder
Getting closer

We'll build a fire in the sky
And people will remember our names
Skypilots all the same
Starpilots are all that remain
Track Name: Pick Up The Pieces
When you talk I never get what it's all about
Standing there, I just stare
You can say my name
I won't change
Scream, shout
Go ahead let it all out

When you talk I think it's good that speak your mind
Don't lie
You can't deny
You had a good time

As I walk
Out the door
You know there's room here for one more

Don't stop now
You'll sleep tomorrow
Forget your days
Forget yourself

Fall off the floor and there's calls for one more
When the light show ends
Take what you can grab because there's queues for a cab
And I've lost my friends
Oh no
We roll and we burn
Lean into the turns on the amber bends
Headlights are sparks
All leaving their marks when the light show ends

We pick up the pieces
I'm up for next week yeah
Track Name: Paper Cuts
You got the deep paper cuts now and what hurts more
An empty in-tray
On an empty office floor
Swimming in lemon juice, soon you'll be running the show
That's if you let go

You said:
This is a role that I care a lot about
I have experience in a similar field
Solid approach to achieving objectives
Results oriented
Focusing on high yield

That's it (Waiting for the big man)
I quit (To tell him about the big plan)
Phase shift (I've sweated for my last pound, it's no secret, I'm going for a take-down)

Well there's the burnt ink toner and burnt out eyes
Same old story
Shiny new blue tie
Feeding all the hungry machines and you'll be racking your brain
I think it's jammed again

They say:
This is a role you must care a lot about
Have you experience in a similar field?
Solid approach to achieving objectives
Results oriented, focusing on high yield?

Pencils and pixels and binary bits
All hand pushed by the wits of the daydreamers
So glassy-eyed

Bathe in the striplight glow
Strobing your heart
Breathe in the cool grey air and know you'll never stray far
Twitching at desks if we could only get out
And see all the things that we've read about

Predator to prey
The knives are out now
The giants fall to the feed the new sound
Paper cuts again
The knives are out now
The giants fall to feed the new sound
Track Name: We Have A Visual (Disko Unterhaag)
We tracked her for months
She's one of the worst
The hundreds of victims have not stopped her thirst
They used to try fire
It had no effect
Now killing machines hunt this vampire sect

We have a visual
I can confirm
She seems to be moving
She's feeling the burn

Sensors are showing she's starting to turn
Well I can't destroy her when there's so much to learn

We're picking up signals
We're picking up heat
We register movement
In time to the beat

We have a visual
I can confirm

We know she's in here
She comes here to feed
Her only weakness
That primal need

Well I am protected because I cannot feel
I am a weapon
My heart is steel

They have a habit of telling me that I'll never be human
She sees through this and the plastic that they use for my face
I show her how to rewire my robot soul
I broke their loop function, I got them off my case

*'Unit 571 respond....come in unit 571....I think we've lost contact sir'*

No battle programs to deal with situations like this
Metal shouldn't be responding to her dangerous touch
Wow... smash... the systems crashed
Overloaded, circuit-bent, inputs t-t-too too much

Malfunction machine
Feeling love
Vampire queen
Give it up
Track Name: Tokyo Getaway
All you wanted to do was get away from here
For all I know you're always going to feel the same
All this crowd would rather belong
Than make a break from here
Oh, I've never been one to see that way

Incidently I read something that might be of interest to you
You can only hear it if you promise not say a word
We can only do this if you won't tell anybody
We can only make it if you want to leave this world

They built a time-machine in Tokyo
We should steal it at the roadshow
Travel to year seven-treble-oh
We can kick it like Han Solo
Just like Han Solo

Tokyo, how about it?

I've got all the maps and tools and things we'll use to break inside it
We can wear these future suits, we'll blend in fine from what I've heard
There's a stack of manga films that should show us how to drive it
We can only make it if you want to leave this world
Track Name: Foreign Creature
The caves it came from no-one really knows what lives down there
But the ones who found they would never understand how the beast was rare
They took a comb took a knife, cut the claws started brushing it's hair...alright
Gave it clothes, gave it shoes, now they wonder why nobody seems to care

Know that's what's holding you down
When you paint by numbers
When you colour between the lines
This monster's tame
Break open the strange
Let loose a foreign creature

Jump back that's what's holding you down
When you paint by numbers
When you colour between the lines
This monster's tame
Make way for the strange
Let loose a foreign creature

After several weeks of dead press releases they gave up hope
They turned the thing loose as they had no use for a beast that wouldn't amaze
It ran through the streets on, to fields and the creeks, gone to find its way home
To a place where the wild things play

Don't stop, I never meant to come here alone
We'll stay holed up
Till the city's overgrown

All the cards are coming down
Trade fame for fur and feathers
You'll find nothing of the same kind
Believe the warnings, you will change your mind in time

It's like the only clue showing through will be buried in the sand
You'll keep on losing the words you choose
Taken from your hand
Release the things you drew out of you
They will run across the land
Form a tribe and a totem new and grow into a clan
Track Name: Showtime
Well I'm going to waste and it seems the road starts to incline
But I'm ignoring the taste because I feel this evening's gonna be fine
Oh she's a laser-hot girl set apart, oh she's a lavish affair
And I believe the words of the people who say they'll be there

I want a lesson in everything you can offer
Step up, step out
Shake the ceiling whenever you take the floor

Kindly save me a place in the dimly lit space by the door
No need to reiterate to the people who wait what's in store

Just so you know where I stand
I am right beside you
Another one to follow
The breadcrumbs that fall from your hand
Keep me so excited
They're so inviting oh
Track Name: New Summer
Collected in the cloudy light
Faces turned up to the sky
We could count the seconds until the moment this year really begins
Because though it's good, it's better bare-footed
On the grass we stood and drank up the sunrise

I see you're drowning
In Monday morning's hum
Tear up these lies
And throw them skywards

All among the leaves
We celebrated
Caught the gold on our lines
As it flew sideways
House parties in spring
We waited for it
Our new summer to begin again

We go hunting in the shadows
Neon forest overhead
Run beneath this night-time fire
At last
Something's changing
Slow like honey
To the faces in the crowd
Leave your TV, leave your money

Collected in the cloudy light
Faces turned up to the sky
Pressed against the green
They swore they'd never be the ones to try
To chase the metal of the world
Use it to build a cage to call their home

Bye bye, the life I ordered doesn't seem to work at all
I'll trade it for the sun
For the sun
Track Name: Satellites
We can be alone
I got the model with the satellites
They can feed you your thoughts now
Find our favourites on the backup tape

But a stone cold stare is better than none
Living is a lie in motion
The game's explained in pseudo-code

Just might feel a little a sting
Found a way to keep you in your prime
And take our time

We're toasting to life
We evened the score
There were axes to grind
People handing me more

All of your sensations
All that love inside
Still so pretty, now you're re-fitted
Only lost your real mind baby

But remember all the things that you've done
Without the trouble of emotion
The game's explained in pseudo-code

Always going too fast for the real world
Silicon saved your life in a freeze frame
Polished to a shine in your tailored girl-skin case
All your actions waiting for a replay
Track Name: The Ones Who Walk Away
And so the showtime is coming
A thousand colours held up in a line
Side-by-side to forget the one

The words they fade from his lonely tongue
From deep below he can hear their delight
It showers down to a hole where you can't tell day from night


The city gates they don't go beyond
A little guilt keeps us strong
We're getting stronger

The sober times on their own
They can water their plants at home and dream
Ordinary and insane
Modern prize
Because I've been living inside and thinking about the hole again


Out along wooden boards stretching onward
Clutching poles, the masses stepping forward
We'll march on our sunburnt shadows
Under waves of swirling wild flamingoes


Streamers fall, the square left empty now
The people home, still banners on the ground

A sea of beads from rainbow dancers' gowns
Cut the feet of those who walk away

A ghost again
A ghost again