by Polygon Palace



We've sold everything that slows us down
Now we're gonna have to do this trip
They said take our life
Open up the sky
Look through the telescope

Banner held high
Maybe the one to lift the dark
Silver streak
Wandering freak
The earthman seed into the stars

The greater heads got together
Decided it was time
We buried our thoughts
With clocks to measure our passing
And a note explaining why we left

You wanna know something?
I wasn't afraid
There wasn't the time for me to turn back
Far into the nothing we're out of the cage
And we're heading for starlight now

I've heard rumours that we won't come back
But people say we're the only hope
They said take our life
Open up the sky
Look through the telescope
At old treasures burning on the ground
Another day you might come home
Take the truth and spread it
Simple is better
Don't let them go this wrong

Tearing right through it
Say goodnight to gravity
We don't need a place to call our home (We're gonna change tonight)
More than any other traveller
Going to where I belong (Sign up and we'll release the light)
Out among the planets
Tearing right through it (We're gonna blast off, this is the final flight)
Getting louder
Getting closer

We'll build a fire in the sky
And people will remember our names
Skypilots all the same
Starpilots are all that remain


released September 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Polygon Palace Melbourne, Australia

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